About Us

The Charlesgate Alliance launched in 2017 to bring positive change to the Charlesgate neighborhood. We look forward to working with you!


We are dedicated to improving Charlesgate and to knitting together the Charlesgate district. We promise to become an effective new force to defend and serve our diverse and dynamic neighborhood.

Short-Term Goals

Medium-Term Goals

  • Create safe, pedestrian friendly, public areas – Share your ideas
  • Improve Muddy River water quality
  • Help public agencies like the DCR and MassDOT maintain and improve the area

Long-Term Goals

  • Charlesgate revitalization
  • A fully integrated Charlesgate neighborhood
  • A solid, enduring Charlesgate Alliance organization

You can see slideshows from meetings that we have had.

Landing Studio is the architectural firm hired by Charlesgate Alliance to develop concept designs for enhancements to the Charlesgate area. They temporarily designated areas of the park in the illustration below at the December 4, 2017, Talk About DCR Charlesgate Park meeting, integrating with the already approved Charlesgate Greenway DCR project, here called The Allee.

Named areas of Charlesgate by Landing Studio at December 4, 2017 Public Meeting

Please contact us at charlesgatealliance@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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