Advocacy for the Charlesgate Area

Advocacy for Improved MassDOT connections on either end of Charlesgate

The Charlesgate Alliance and Emerald Necklace Conservancy advocate for the daylighting of the Muddy River as part of MassDOT‘s Storrow Drive rebuild north of Beacon Street. We are also advocating for a greener design of the bridge that connects Charlesgate to the Emerald Necklace over the Massachusetts Turnpike. which would allow the offramp from the Bowker Overpass at Charlesgate East to be removed. Our architects, Dan and Marie Law Adams at Landing Studio, have produced an amazing array of drawings for this effort, including the ones on this page.

The following is an illustration of these areas, #1 and #3, with our own core project shown as #2.

The following are existing challenges throughout Charlesgate.

Highlights from Our Storrow EastBound Bridge Replacement Project (MassDOT 606728) Proposal

A daylit Muddy River would reclaim the historic Fens Pond Bridge as a passage between Charlesgate and the Esplanade.

A new shared-use bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists would be built where a daylit Muddy River flows into the Charles River.

Highlights from Our Bowker Overpass Over the Massachusetts Turnpike Proposal (MassDOT 606496)

The offramp from the Bowker Overpass over the Massachusetts Turnpike to Commonwealth Avenue would be removed with traffic rerouted along Charlesgate West. This would restore long-lost parkland and allow for this portion of the Muddy River to be daylighted and its shoreline regreened.

View of the Muddy River with the Bowker offramp to Charlesgate East removed, looking south toward the Mass. Turnpike.

View of the Muddy River with the Bowker offramp to Charlesgate East removed, looking north toward Commonwealth Avenue on a new pedestrian bridge.

New pedestrian and bicycle bridge, west of a redesigned car bridge on Charlesgate West.

Our designs call for shared use paths that will connect the eastern and western portions of the Newbury Street Extension for the very first time. Below is an illustration of the new bicycle/pedestrian underpass connecting Newbury Street to Charlesgate Park at Charlesgate West.

These new proposals have led to a new design for the dog park, anchored by the revitalized Newbury Street extensions on either side of Charlesgate.

Our proposals for Areas 1, 2, and 3 would revitalize Charlesgate’s importance as the critical link between the Emerald Necklace, Commonwealth Avenue Mall, and the Esplanade.