Yes! I want to donate money to see Charlesgate Park restored to its rightful place, reintegrating it with Frederick Law Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace.

My donation will further the project, which to date has included the following:

  • Meetings with Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) officials and the President of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy (ENC)
  • A park cleanup day on April 29th 2017, which more than 65 people attended
  • Roughly 100 neighborhood residents and business owners have filled out our online neighborhood survey
  • A discussion group to allow postings and conversations about the park and its adjoining neighborhoods
  • Our first grant proposal
  • Successful advocacy for new trees on Marlborough Street adjacent to Charlesgate Park
  • Upcoming “walk around” and “talk about” Charlesgate Park meetings on September 16th and October 10th (see Events page)
  • A greatly expanded web, Facebook, and Instagram presence
  • Request for proposals from architectural firms to participate in the community process for improvements to the park

Please make a donation c/o the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. 

Donations are tax-deductible.